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Jayeonone 자연원 - from nature

Jayeonone is a brand that always offers healthy and tasty foods made with ingredients closest to nature. We place our belief in clean and safe products. We hold the principle that such food is always beneficial to the body, and ascribe to the truth that this can harmonize with nature.

Think of Nature

When you enjoy nature, you will bring joy to your life.

Our Story

Food is a fundamental source of energy for our spirits and bodies. In the past, wives and mothers prepare food for families, ensuring everyone's health and happiness. Yet times have change. Nowadays, the responsibility of providing nourishing food has increasingly shifted to brands like ours.

We are grateful to supply you with food that is equally delicious as it is healthy, as this is our brand's very mission and happiness.

Our source is nature, which provides an example of greatness for us all.

Our promise to you, out customers, is that we will never make a product that goes against the greatness of nature.

Why Jayeonone

All our products comes from nature.
We build solid relationships based on full trust in our partners.
Our passion is to make products our customers love.
We are always tackling new challenges and trying out the latest technology.

A Champion of Healthy Eating for All Our Customers

By seeking food from nature and combining it with state-of-the-art technology for the best products to provide high quality products and services that make our live healthier. In this way become a brand that comes out top in pursuit of a happy life.

What Customers say

I bought it for my child, but adults drink it better. It's so delicious.
The kudzu juice is thick and delicious for the price. I like it because I can buy it with a thousand happiness and eat it deliciously

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